‘Art be a Part’ is a community passionate about art and driven by purpose. A community that comes together to support artists and contribute to the causes that need our most urgent attention.

Why Art?

Art is a form of expression and every person has an artist inside of them. Those with skill and talent create pieces of value that are sought after by collectors and connoisseurs. The best forms of art are those that are inspired by a muse, to which the work is dedicated – be it the beauty in nature, in human form or in the laughter of a child.

“You live in my heart where no one sees you but I do. That vision becomes this art.”

The creator and the collector come together to form an invisible bond. There is power in this connection. Let’s use this power towards a purpose. Let’s come together to protect and preserve what we are passionate about, to restore balance where it has been lost, to build a better future.

The more people are a part of this platform, the more impact we will have. When we work together as a community, we can make a change.

What is the change we are looking for?

  • We want to ensure that people have access to basic facilities such as sanitary living conditions, access to health, education and nutrition.

  • We want to provide help where it is needed most urgently such as in areas that are under distress due to natural or man-made disaster.

  • We want to focus on the most vulnerable segment of living beings that cannot speak out for themselves – the children and the animals.

  • We want to protect our biodiversity and fragile ecosystem by supporting causes that help to conserve or restore the natural balances.

About The Founder

Medha Nanda | Founder

“I feel a sense of responsibility in helping to make the world a better place. Rather than complain about what is wrong, I believe that we are all given unique talents and opportunities to improve situations and circumstances. If we all come together to contribute even in a small way, we can make a huge difference.”

Medha Nanda has always been interested in art and design. Ask any old teacher and they will fondly remember reprimanding her for always doodling and drawing in her school books. Medha studied design at Pearl Academy, Delhi and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Australia, before starting her own private fashion label where her clientele included film stars, business and political leaders. She shut down the fashion business on relocating to Dubai and took up painting more seriously.

Our Team

Ratika van Noord Bhatnagar
Content & Communication
“As an artist, my medium of expression is words. I paint with them, I play with them, I make music with them. Words that can make you feel joy or pain, fear or wonder. Words that can make you see a whole new world that doesn’t exist, except when you close your eyes and open your mind.”

Ratika van Noord is the co-Founder of Pilcrow Communications and the author of “Planet B – making of MITRA”, a science-fiction, adventure novel for children of reading age 8-12 years, with some relevant messages for the future and present generation.

At Art be a Part she curates the content and event experiences, to ensure they are in line with the vision and purpose of the platform.
Camila Asenjo
Director of Operations
Camila comes from a mixed background of experiences including hospitality, fashion and public relations. Having studied Psychology and Business Management, she thrives in creating connections and putting her creative mind in action.
Seth Benzel
Art Curator
Taking his own experience as a full time painter, Seth has coupled it with the gallery to create a platform that supports artists through various projects and activities. He believes that galleries should be more involved in not only developing artists but also collectors and art lovers alike.