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We curate art events to raise funds for the support of :
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Art be a Part

A community that comes together to support artists and contribute to the causes that need our most urgent attention.

Through these contributions, we aim to:

Protect what is threatened
Alter circumstances, mindsets and behaviour
Restore balance
Transform the future

Our Vision

“A true artist is not one who is inspired,
but one who inspires others.”
Salvador Dali
When people are thinking of buying art, we want Art be a Part to be the first name that comes to mind – for adding value to their investment, beyond what they could imagine.

We want to provide a stage for talented and skilful artists and enable those looking to contribute to find a cause that is closest to their heart.

We intend to use this platform to display and sell unique pieces of art that serve a purpose beyond just aesthetic beauty.

We aim to make this a worldwide network that brings together like-minded people from every nationality and culture.

Within the next two years we want to have built a substantial community who add and receive value from each other, and create positive impact in their coming together.

Featured Artist

Lorenzo Quinn

Contemporary Italian artist Lorenzo Quinn is a leading figurative sculptor whose work is inspired by such masters as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin.

Exhibited internationally, his monumental public art and smaller, more intimate pieces transmit his passion for eternal values and authentic emotions.



Artist: Elena Fedosenko
Artist: Dalia Chehab
Artist: Harsh Bansal
Artist: Steven Lee Graver
Artist: Dhruvin